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Monday, January 20, 2014

This is How I Lost Weight

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Like many overweight people I am unhappy with myself and it seems to affect the way I enjoy, or fail to enjoy, life at times.   There is no doubt that the way I feel about my appearance has held me back.  This has been an ongoing issue for me for a very long time, and it has been very hard to open up and be honest with myself about what really is causing me to feel the way I do.    


I make promises to myself and others of change, only to fail, but today I feel like I have finally had it.  I am thinking about my life and who I want to be.  I am thinking about how much of my life I have already wasted and how little time I have left.   I understand that I can never go back.  I can only keep moving forward.  I have realized that I need to learn from my mistakes and use my failures to help drive myself towards success.   The sooner I really commit to the decision of change for good, then the longer I will have to enjoy the rest of my life. 


I need to keep telling myself, 'Don’t give up'.  I know I may stumble and I may fall, but no matter what I need to do my best to pick myself up and to keep fighting.  I cannot give up this time.  There have been days, weeks, months, even years that I stumbled but this time I must make the decision to stop giving up and to start preparing myself for my future.   I have made up my mind to start living the life that I always wanted to live.  I have decided to stop making excuses and to stop pointing fingers and laying blame on anyone but myself.  Then I forgave myself. 


I have started setting goals and I am taking small steps in reaching these goals.   I have reached out for support and I have made my intentions clear.  The greatest moment will be when I finally start to see the progress and fully believe, and even know, that I can and will accomplish my dream of losing weight.

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